Delicious cake balls are the perfect online dessert for any occasion!

red velvet cake balls
red velvet cake balls bite
Chocolate Cake Balls
Chocolate Cake Balls Bite
cookies and cream cake balls
cookies and cream cake balls bite

Cookies & Cream


Our signature chocolate cake on the inside, with a cookies and cream icing on the outside.


It's even better than the ice cream.

Red Velvet


Rich, velvety cake surrounded by a sweet and savory icing that'll bring you to your knees.



Succulent chocolate cake goodness, dipped in milk chocolate icing.

Lemon Cake Balls
Lemon Cake Balls Bite
Birthday Cake Cake Balls
Birthday Cake Cake Balls Bite
Salted Carmel Cake Balls
Salted Carmel Cake Balls Bite

Birthday Cake


Moist yellow cake with scrumptious vanilla icing topped off with our colorful sprinkles. Great for any type of celebration! Cheers!

Lemon Cake Balls


Our new lemon cake ball flavor sure does POP! Lemon cake dipped in a even more lemony icing! Absolutely refreshing! MMMMM!

Salted Caramel


This trend setting flavor is ready to roll! Chocolate cake inside covered with a smooth caramel icing topped with a touch of savory salt and chocolate sprinkles.

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